11.30.16 Project Status Update


Yesterday, when I sat down, pen in hand to edit the how to article I’ve been working on since late October, I found myself rewriting paragraphs and in one instance, deleting out an entire page.

When edits are this extensive, there’s a larger underlying issue—often structural in nature. In this case, I realized that my How-to article was actually several separate how-to articles. Not only did I have multiple articles, the articles had different audiences: some technical and some general.

For example, one audience to whom I was writing were people looking for good gift ideas. Another audience were crafters. And another were people who wanted to do something using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I now understand why I’ve felt so much resistance finishing my article.


So I’ve been thinking about how to move forward and here’s what I decided:

  1. I’m going to proof read what I’ve written and break the article into separate blog posts so it’s easier to navigate. Then I’m going to publish what I’ve written knowing it’s a mashup that may not work for any one group of readers.
  2. I’ve made notes of my ideas on how I can rework different parts of the article as future possibilities.
  3. I’m going to call this project complete and move on to other things I want to do.

I considered several other possibilities but at this point completion is what feels best. There are projects that feel more compelling and I generally like to go where I feel the most energy.

Although completion feels best, it still doesn’t feel great. I feel like the guy in the picture here who has tried fixing his computer, has removed lots of pieces, and isn’t sure how to put it back together again. Rather than replace the pieces he’s just throwing the pieces back, and putting on the lid, and calling it “done.” That’s how I feel about this project.

I’ll be writing a Creator Moment of Truth post as well and will probably have more insights on what I’ve learned.

10.20.16 Project Update


Current Reality Snapshot

All images but one are completed. YAY!

I’m setting the publishing date to 10/26 although I’m leaving it as 10/23 on the Action Plan. This gives me more time to complete exercises in Creating Your Life.


The specific steps in the creative process are actually pretty simple. If you’ve done any project management you’ll find it easy to create and update Structural Tension Charts.

The more challenging part in the creative process is the mindset piece because shifting from a problem solving perspective to a creating perspective doesn’t come naturally to most of us myself included. Creating Your Life provides lots of exercises and ideas for making the mindset shift easier and I want to spend some time doing those exercises.

Without taking time to integrate the ideas I quickly get caught up in checking off boxes on my ToDo list. While I love the endorphin rush of checking off those little boxes, it can get addictive and I’m back to mindless activity and problem solving instead of  consciously creating.