Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts

When You’re Just Not Feeling Creative

There are days when one thing after another seems to make a tiny paper cut until it feels like I want to curl up and go catatonic.

Today has been one of those days.

First I discovered moths have gotten into my sweater drawer and several beloved sweaters are beyond repair.

Then I pinched a nerve in my foot while getting groceries which hurt like hell. It was hard to walk without putting pressure on my sore foot.

I got into a fight with my son because he wouldn’t do an errand for me. It was such a trivial thing for us to get so angry over.

The vet office called to tell me my 11-year old cat’s bloodwork “showed abnormalities” leaving me to imagine the worst while waiting for the doctor to call me back.

None of these things are fatal singly or taken together but oh how my heart hurts at this moment.

As I contemplated the question, “what do I want to create?” My response is “be in the habit of choosing peace over hurt, fear, and anger.” Because I know I’m capable of choosing peace and when I do life feels better.

There are other things I would create which more directly address some of the day’s issues: a relationship of mutual respect and cooperation with my son; great-feeling feet; a safe, clean environment for my woolens, etc. But it’s difficult to address these specific results without more peace in my heart.

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