10.02.16 Fall Collages

In this exercise I started with a white artboard, about 8 1/2′ x 14″ and things I found in my yard: berries, ivy leaves, an oak leaf, an acorn, and some stones.

I then envisioned how I would arrange two-items and took about 5-seconds to create the arrangement. I repeated this with three items and five items.

The purpose is to get into the practice of envisioning a final creation, make the creation within a limited amount of time, and see how closely the finished creation resembles what I envisioned.

This is the creative process taught in Creating Your Life.

This isn’t to get me into the habit of creating something that perfectly matches my vision but to experience creating what I envision. Sometimes what I create is close to what I imagined. Sometimes it’s different. But I learn something each time I do this.

I have some resistance before I begin these exercises because they often feel too simple. But I always enjoy doing them and learning from them.

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