Creating Your Life strongly encourages you to create something everyday. It can be as simple as arranging silverware on a blank piece of paper. Here are some of my most recent creations:

02.07.17 Star Mandala

The idea for this project came from the book, How to Create Sacred Geometry Mandalas by Martha Bartfeld. I drew the mandala on a coated board and colored it with water-based markers. I like how dabbing the markers created a soft pointillist effect.

07.26.16 Silverware Arrangement

07.29.16 Junk Drawer Findings

Corks and an antique glass doorknob found in the kitchen junk drawer.

07.30.16 Buttons!

One day I’ll use these antique English buttons to snazz up my wardrobe. In the meantime they make a cool arrangement against this black velvet backing.

07.31.16 Patchwork Doodle

Something I was drawing during a phone call. I thought it would be fun to color and here’s the result.

09.17.16 Fall Berries

09.18.16 “Hitting the Wall”

09.23.16 Heart’s Yearnings

Sometimes ideas show up while I’m meditating. These words came to me and I imagined them in a field of flowers which I’m still in the process of drawing.

09.28.16 Spots

I drew these colorful spots while listening to the Clinton Trump debate. I think it was more therapeutic than anything else.

10.02.16 Fall Collages

In this exercise I started with a white artboard, about 8 1/2′ x 14″ and things I found in my yard: berries, ivy leaves, an oak leaf, an acorn, and some stones. I then envisioned how I would arrange two-items and took about 5-seconds to create the arrangement. I repeated this with three items and […]

10.03.16 Article

Not all daily creations are images. As a writer my mode of creative expression is usually something I’ve written: an article, a book chapter, or a poem. For example, today’s creation is the draft for this week’s article about using the Creative Process to manage projects.

10.04.16 Structural Tension Chart Form

The Structural Tension Chart makes it easy to define structural tension, define strategic actions, and track progress. I created this form to manage my the projects I do in Creating Your Life. There’s also an online tool in Creating Your Life I use which includes a calendar so I can visualize  what’s due in the […]

10.06.16 Creative Process – Simpler Logo

Much as I like the hand holding the winged lightbulb I’d like to find something simpler. This one shows the elements in the Structural Tension Chart with the pot as current reality, the heart as the desired goal and the checkmark “leaves” as the strategic action plan.

10.07.16 “Bad Cookie”

No gum drop buttons for this badass. Seven-layer bars and snickerdoodles crumbled when this bad boy came out of the oven!

10.09.16 Allsorts Licorice Watercolor

I’m addicted to English Allsorts Licorice. They’re so soft and chewy. Plus they come in such pretty pastel colors. I think this would make a cool-looking greeting card. An especially fun daily creation to make.

10.11.16 Catspaw Pattern

I recently saw this “catspaw” pattern used in a hand-hooked rug. I liked the pattern so much I used it for this daily creation.

10.12.16 Binder Cover

Having a jazzy design on the binder I keep financial statements in makes my monthly bookkeeping feel less tedious. I created the design in Photoshop then used Boxshot so it looks like 3-ring binder in 3-D. For the actual binder I printed the design on cardstock and inserted the pages in a binder with cover […]

10.14.16 Hard Candy

When I painted Allsorts I was thinking in the back of my mind what other candies would be fun to paint. I was looking for something that would be easy to identify without labels and colorful. Brach’s “Starlight Mints” came to mind because of their variety of colors and flavors. Flavors shown here are peppermint […]

10.16.16 Working Robots

Toy robots are always fun to draw and color. I didn’t have any specifics in mind other than I wanted my three robots be distinct from one another. But I like the idea of “working robots” and drew the last one as a waiter delivering a martini on a small silver tray.

10.19.16 Page Template Images

Today my daily creations were images I’m using in a How-to article I’m writing. Creating these images didn’t turn out to be as straightforward as I expected. This has me reconsidering whether it’s worth investing in new software.  

10.20.16 More Article Images

Additional images I created for the How-to Article:

10.21.16 Birthday Card Cover

This is the cover of a card created for my sister’s birthday.   The queen was colored to reflect my sister’s eye and hair color for fun.

10.23.16 Doodle-y Christmas Images

I have no idea why I received a copy of Neiman Marcus’ holiday wishbook. Still, I love the playful, sinuous little Christmas doodles on the front and back cover. So much that I picked up my pens and drew a few myself.

11.10.16 Keys! Keys! Keys!

A collage made with the many mysterious keys in our “junk” drawer. Who knows what they may open? Who knows if those locks even exist anymore? The many metaphysical questions these keys inspire!

11.10.16 Owls

I’ve been seeing a lot of owls lately used in interior design. I printed the black and white line art on cardstock then colored the owls using markers and glitter glue. For those of you who like creating icons and patterns, I downloaded the owl images from The Noun Project, a website and organization which offers […]

11.16.16 Gift Wrap Fit for a Queen

Gift for a friend’s 50th birthday using the theme “Queen of Your Life.”

11.26.16 Chip Collage

I picked up an assortment of paint chips at a local Sherwin Williams store then cut them into smaller, more manageable sizes to play with. Here’s a pattern I created using red and neutral chips against a black background.

11.26.16 When You See a Pink Elephant …

I found this elephant on a UNICEF card and like it so much I scanned it as black and white line art and colored it using wax-based pencils, metallic Sharpies, and glitter nail polish (which unfortunately doesn’t show up in the scanned piece). I’d like to do this again on heavier paper and add bits […]