10.11.16 Project Update Creative Process Style


I’m a week behind on completing the “How to” article¬†and I adjusted due dates accordingly.

Why did I get behind? Last week I decided to look at ways other companies are offering learning content. In particular, I looked at what Google is doing for it’s G Suite product (formerly Google Apps) and Google Analytics. I took screenshots of lessons that were most relevant to what I’m creating.

I learned some good lessons, in particular, Google keeps their online learning very short and chunked for products used by the general public. More technical material is more wordy but is still to the point. Analytics Academy includes an initial video lesson.

Two things I’ve learned from this little detour:

  1. For future projects I’m going to consider scheduling time to check out examples if I don’t have an existing template.
  2. I’m going to keep back to keeping things as simple as possible: using whatever formatting tools are available to make the lesson easy to use but no custom formatting or complex images.

Here’s a pdf of the revised Structural Tension Chart.


New Goal: Create a “How I Did This” Article


A lesson I never seem to stop learning is “find a small concrete thing you can do right now.”

Ideally I’d like everything I do to be in service of an important priority. Realistically, sometimes it’s best to pick something that’s small and produces a concrete result.

My next two week project will be an article using text and images to show how I created a gift for a friend’s 50th birthday. This project appeals to me because:

  • It was a fun solution to a tricky¬†problem: finding a meaningful, light-hearted gift for a woman’s 50th birthday. (Hint: most women don’t enjoy getting cards that say “Hey old bag your birthday cake is a fire hazard! Ha ha ha.”)
  • It was a lot of fun to create.
  • I love how the card turned out!

Create Something Every Day


The creative process is a skill. And like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you get at using that skill.

A fun and easy way to practice is to create something everyday. The course, Creating Your Life, teaches a specific way of doing this so that not only am I getting my hands into creating things, I’m also integrating the creative process into the way I go about attaining any goal.

Here’s how it works:

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