11.28.16 Project Update


I didn’t spend much time working over the last 10 days because my family was at home and I wanted to enjoy being with them…particularly my son who has been in Asia for most of the year.

It felt luxurious to listen to my son’s stories and observations without feeling the pressure of having to get something done.

With this project being so close to completion I’m surprised by how little motivation I feel to do the last few steps. I’m not entirely sure why I feel so resistant to doing these last steps.

I made commitments in my writing support groups that I would complete the article this week as a way to hold myself accountable.

While I intend to meet this commitment, it hasn’t given me much in the way of energy or motivation.

In the Creative Process, Robert Fritz talks about using the structural tension between our goal and current reality as a “little engine” that moves us forward. He has also talked about how, as structural tension lessens, our drive to do the work also lessens. I’m wondering if the reduction in structural tension accounts for my loss of interest.

Something I’m doing as a way to increase structural tension is to create a more exciting image of the goal. Although I think my written description of the desired outcome in this project is good; certainly good enough to get me to 95% complete, I’m needing something more to do that final 5%.

I like visuals a lot. Sometimes a picture really does capture more than words alone. So for my daily creation I’m drawing a picture of what the finished product will look like. I’ve also included some marketing copy to reinforce the benefits of the article to my intended audience and the benefits to me when it’s completed.

Here’s my goal in a more concrete visual


I consider this project a success when I’ve completed all the steps in my action plan. Whether an audience responds will be something I study and learn from but not something on which my self esteem rests.

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