11.10.16 Update

I’ve finished the second written draft of my how to article.

Next thing to do an editorial pass and document the following:

  • Changes to make to the text to make the article easier to use assuming no major changes to the content.
  • Changes I would make if I were to do a major update.

Some observations:

  • Maybe someone should take all the graphic applications off my mac. I write this half-jokingly. Nothing swallows me whole in terms of time spent like messing around in Photoshop and Illustrator. Nothing.
  • I surrender! I’m going to purchase an Adobe Illustrator subscription. I would love to become more adept using a free or inexpensive piece of software but Illustrator is the standard language most designers speak.. It’s easier to find classes and get help.

specific Next steps:

  • Print the article as it is currently on WordPress.
  • Make final changes.
  • Publish
  • Send to writing group buddies for feedback.


As I’ve put together this article I’ve gotten a lot of idea for things I would like to do to make the article more useful to an audience. A limitation that keeps bugging me is my lack of skill when it comes to creating the right images. I’ve already written about this issue and possible solutions. It’s just worth noting that I often like to use images when I’m explaining a concept or giving step by step instructions. I find the right image can take results-based content from “meh” to “yeah!”

One of my continuing challenges is to resist the temptation to raise the bar on my goal as I have ideas for improving the outcome.

I’ve been blowing off my daily creations lately and want to get back into that routine. I guess I’d like to find some objects that are a little more interesting than silver <grin>.

I recently purchased Robert Fritz’ book “The Path of Least Resistance for Managers” and am looking forward to getting into the material. I’m finding that the Creating Your Life course is great for personal project where I’m the main player. I’m curious, however, how do you apply these ideas when you’re working on something which depends on a group of people working together toward a common objective.

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