11.05.16 Update

I’m close to complete on the How-to article. I estimate I have 2-3 hours remaining in writing the article. Some observations about the goal and current reality:

  • My goal was to create a how to article for DIY-type people searching for good gift ideas. They could follow the steps I lay out in the article to create what I’m calling a “Story Card Book.”
  • I’ve followed all the steps I laid out in my Action Plan. This is a good thing!
  • I have realized with the benefit of time and emotional distance that the article gets bogged down in technical details. Some people may care about how I enlarged the card face image. Most won’t. In my next draft I’ll expand on areas of general interest.

I’m now working with a small group of writers and have the benefit of their feedback. Although this project was to be one I could do without the input or permission of other people, involving people in this type of project would have been an advantage. That may be a guidelines I don’t follow in my next project.

I’m going to publish the first version of my article because I’m sure there are people who will find it helpful. I have a commitment currently to publishing my work rather than sitting on it because it isn’t perfect.

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