11.02.16 Distractions, distractions!


My update was 8 days ago. Ugh! I was wondering “what happened?” and took a look at my how I used my time last week. What the heck occupied my attention?

Here’s what happened: I enrolled in a writing class and got immersed in my writing assignment.

I had recently listened to an interview with Lindsey Vonn who talked about her experiences with body image and self care and thought it would be a great topic to write about. Like a lot of women I’ve struggled with body image, diet, and feeling genuinely good about my appearance. So I spent a large chunk of the last week connecting with women via social media and writing about what I learned.

  • Exploring the topic produced a lot of positive results:
    Women who responded have a strong interest in the topic and in creating positive options.
  • The responses opened up lots of possible directions to take my research.
  • I wrote up everything in an extensive outline.

But I did not work on the article and this has affected my timeline. My 2-week project is turning into a one month project.

In addition, I have a compulsion to create original artwork for my blog posts. Even a quick sketch on paper can cause problems. For example, last week I spent several hours trying to figure out how to “erase” lines from sketches I do on lined paper. I found a solution but I’m not sure it was worth the three hours I spent messing around with Adobe Acrobat’s prepress tools. Talk about brain damage!.

  • Lessons I’m taking away:
    All of this comes back to making conscious decisions. Sometimes it’s fun to have time when I can pursue my whims and inspirations. But too often I chase a whim before I’ve taken care of the work I have scheduled.
  • To cut myself some slack here, again, this is a personal project. When it’s work-related and people are depending on my deliverables, I stay on schedule.
  • Reduce distractions. I still take on too many commitments. Remember I can say “maybe” rather than “yes.” I may also want to consider just getting away from my computer. The Internet is a minefield of distractions.

Today I’m going to spend time working on the how-to article. I’m going to write for 30-minutes. I could spend more time but 30-minutes is what fits my schedule today. The goal for now is to find time to write even if the time comes in very small increments.


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