10.22.16 Project Update

queen-card-1queen-card-2 queen-card-3-3

I’ve created all the images for the how-to article. All that’s left to do is to insert the article text, add images, and adjust spacing so that the article is easy to read.


The last image is of the card as it looked before I wrapped and mailed it. I wish I had taken a few snapshots of the card before wrapping it but I was in a hurry to get it in the mail. I figured I could probably recreate it somehow.

But creating a somewhat realistic version didn’t work very well. I tried to create a booklet that looked 3-D in Photoshop and using another application called 3-D Boxshot. After messing around for an hour with no luck I gave up.

In Creating Your Life, Robert Fritz talk about how much of our time creating will be frustrating because we are learning the skills necessary to create what we want. This is a perfect example where I had a clear image of what I wanted to create but don’t have the skills and know how to create that image.

It’s worth noting here that this frustration is inherent in the journey and is not a sign that I should give the journey up. I’ve found that in today’s culture of instant gratification it’s helpful to remember looking foolish and stumbling in part of the path to mastery. So my willingness to take the steps and look awkward is worth celebrating.

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