10.19.16 Update


Today I created images meant to look like templates. There are three templates and I wanted the templates to show how page elements were positioned so it would be easy to add text and images. I thought I would use graphic Design software like Adobe Illustrator to create the template images but Illustrator doesn’t play with Apple’s latest OS. I finally ended up going with “good enough” and creating them using Adobe InDesign. They don’t look great but they get the information across.

This has got me thinking that it’s worth the investment to buy the version of Illustrator that works with Apple’s new OS.

This is also an example of how shifting the focus from problem-solving to creating my desired end result shifts how I do work and the decisions I make. If my focus was on solving the problem I would have spent hours figuring out how to create these images using less expensive software. But because my focus is creating something by a specific date and the time I allot each day for this project, I’m realizing it makes more sense to invest in software I know how to use.

I also made progress creating a couple other images. I like using grid paper to get my ideas down. Having my ideas sketched out helps me work faster and more decisively.

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