10.18.16 Update



Today I also got started on creating images. It’s interesting to me that although creating images is one of my favorite things to do when creating technical content, it’s something I seem to put off until the last minute. I think there’s probably some fear underlying my hesitation. Perfectionism perhaps?

In addition to reducing the number of images in my How-to article, I also cut the steps for sending the article our for proofreading and copy editing.

Creating Your Life advises you to choose goals that you can complete on your own; that don’t require the permission or or input from others. So much of this course is about what contributes to being an effective creator. And being an effective creator is about keeping our view of current reality as objective as possible. So it’s important to understand things you do, yourself, as a creator which may improve or muck up accomplishing goals. When we bring other people into our projects it can muddy our understanding of cause and effect.As an added bonus, removing the outside review makes it easier to complete this project within my deadline.

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