Project Status Reviews Creative Process Style

The project plan for my goal, creating a “How to” lesson is different because in addition to using steps and due dates, I’m constantly keeping an eye on Structural Tension: the difference between what is desired and today’s reality in relationship to my goal.

An example of a Structural Tension chart used for my ‘How-to Lesson” project is here.

If the goal shifts or current reality shifts so does structural tension and structural tension is what creates the forward energy to realize the goal.

For example, I realized I shifted my goal without being conscious that I was doing so. I added the criteria “professional-looking layout” to the final desired product. When I upped the criteria of “what is a satisfactory end result” I added an additional five business days because now I felt compelled to look at what other companies were doing.

Usually I would stay stuck on my mistake and what that says about me. The Creative Process encourages us to

  • acknowledge the mistake and it’s consequences
  • adjust the structural tension chart accordingly (in this case dates)
  • consider what we’ve learned
  • and get back to work

The Creative Process also uses a more formal review called the “Creator Moment of Truth” (or Manager Moment of Truth) which I’ll be doing when this project is completed.

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