09.19.16 What is My Goal?


I’m just starting week 5 of Creating Your Life. I usually spend this time reviewing a goal and updating current reality in relationship to the goal.

At the moment, however, my goal is to choose a goal because I’m undecided about what I want to work on. A few things I’d like to work on include:

  • Finding contract work creating technical content.
  • Starting a consulting business in which I use what I’m learning in this course to help small businesses and not-for-profits.
  • Find a job that doesn’t pay a lot but I’m working for an organization whose mission I support. It would be a way to move into a field where I’d like to work.
  • Going through my home and decluttering.
  • Doing research on buying a trailer.
  • Getting started on a book idea.

Of the the four, the book idea is the most fun and appealing. Finding contract work is the least appealing. That’s just my intuitive hit.

The idea of going through stuff and figuring out what to do with it isn’t very appealing at the moment either.

But there’s also the issue of which projects most directly feed my values and aspirations. Because sometimes we need to do things that wouldn’t be our first choice but they support more important goals.

In this case, finding contract work is the choice that will most directly support the others. I want to have money to buy mountain property and to help pay college tuition for my son. Earning money creates the most ease to do both.

Other options will eventually lead to better paying opportunities. The big question at the moment is how long is “eventually?”

At the same time I feel resistance to the idea of looking for contract work. I wonder whether there’s more in it than just a paycheck. And a small voice tells me I may be spending a lot of time doing this and what will I get in return?

Because ultimately, these goals are about how I choose to use my time.

I think, too, there’s a part of me hoping that I’ll discover other sources of funding. For example, at one point, I thought I could sell clothes, household items, etc on ebay and earn enough to make up the difference.

But I discovered, selling things on ebay requires a lot of time and patience and I didn’t enjoy the process very much.

I don’t yet have a clear answer here. I have more research to do and more contemplation to do.

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