When Tomorrow is More Enticing Than Today

A primary element of the creative process is using Structural Tension to guide and energize action. Structural tension is created and maintained by keeping the goal and current reality in mind.

The difference between the two is a kind of tension similar to the bow string being pulled back to propel the bow.

For example, this blog is a creative project. I have a vision for what I want this blog to be and when I think about my goal I get strong, “Yeah, I want that!” energy.

And there is current reality which is how the blog is right now: today.

I’ve always been one of those persons who lives in the future because the future is a brighter, shinier place than current reality. Some people live in the past and take comfort in past pleasures and accomplishments. But I think the future is much more interesting because I’m sure it’s going to be better.

So when I do the twice daily exercise of visualizing current reality in relationship to my goal, I find myself immersed in all the cool things I plan to do with this blog and have a hard time considering current reality. Current reality seems so drab and boring.

I’m wondering whether this is something other people experience.

For now, I’m making the observation and I’m curious to see whether any additional insights pop up.

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